CBORD Solutions for Canada

CBORD Solutions for Canada

Our Canadian systems users are incredibly engaged in the CBORD® user community. Through their feedback and involvement, CBORD technology can be tailored to the subtle differences required for our Canadian community.

We can support a standardized operation and centralized IT approach to leverage the same solution across an entire enterprise. Our thorough and comprehensive solutions can utilize the Canadian Nutrient File (CNF) to cater to all of your nutrition standards and needs.

CBORD can accommodate any type of patient menu selection process, ranging from the ability to support a traditional non-select multi-week menu cycle to the ability to perform pre-select menu cycles using bedside tablets and wireless capabilities.

CBORD offers robust card systems that are tailored to fit the unique needs of higher education and healthcare campuses. Our card systems touch all auxiliary departments on campus, allowing your team to provide the utmost patient, student, or employee experience across your entire campus.